Lady Startup is a platform designed to help women launch and grow their own businesses. Do you dream of changing your life and working for yourself? Are you wanting to grow your side-hustle into your day job? Are you wanting to put a rocket up your lady biz and take it to the next level? Are you stuck at one of the important stages of growth?
We’ve got you. Lady Startup has created a bunch of different courses, programs and resources to help you at every stage of your business story…from dreamer to side-hustler to full fledged business owner. Supporting you is what we do.


Ready to launch your business idea but not sure how? Our 6 week online education course takes Lady Startup from idea to launch. Doors reopen on 6 May for a limited time!

Rocket membership program

Looking for year-round mentoring and support to accelerate your existing biz growth? Join our 12 month Rocket Membership program for existing Lady Startups.

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business boosters Mini Courses

Education on the go! Short on time? Enjoy these self-paced, short courses designed to polish skills and dive deep on specific subjects (social media, branding, financials etc).