How To Work With Influencers

How to run an influencer campaign that works.
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Does this sound like you?
“I want to make money with influencer marketing.”
“I don’t know how to connect with influencers.”
“I’m not sure if my business is the right fit for influencer marketing.”
“I want to learn how to set up an influencer campaign.”
How To Work With Influencers Masterclass
An online masterclass that teaches you how to successfully run an influencer marketing campaign.

Kee Reece

Kee Reece first worked as an influencer manager for Showpo before joining Mamamia’s in-house social media agency SQUAD. These days she’s switched sides, and brings her experience as a micro-influencer to your Masterclass.
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What We Cover

Set Your Goals
Decide what you want to achieve with your influencer content and outline your campaign objectives.
Find Your Fit
Understand your target audience and learn how to pick talent and marketing strategies based on your campaign objectives.
Do Your Research
Discover a secret marketing tool that will help you guarantee your chosen influencers can deliver on your goals.
Craft Your Campaign
Learn about the three main types of influencer marketing campaigns and how your business will compensate them for their efforts.
Steal our template to help you reach out to your dream influencers.
Measure What Matters
Learn what metrics to look at and how to keep improving.
I’m ready to get started with influencer marketing.
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