Secrets To Shareable Content

How to create compelling content that women will share.
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Does this sound like you?
“I don’t have the budget to pay for advertising.”
“I want more people to know about my business.”
“I keep creating social content but I can’t get more followers.”
“My engagement is so low.”
Secrets To Shareable Content Masterclass
A 30 minute online masterclass that reveals the secrets behind sharable content and how you can harness it for your business.

Mia Freedman

In this Masterclass, you will be taught by Mia Freedman, Founder of the Lady Startup movement, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Mamamia Media Company. AND as one of the earliest “influencers”, you might have seen her once or twice on your social media.
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What We Cover

WHY Women Share
Discover the deep history behind why women shared back then and explore why we still share today.
WHERE Women Share
Learn about the obvious and not-so-obvious places women share. And how you can use this to your advantage as a small business.
WHAT Drives Women To Share
Break down the 3 golden trigger points that drive women to share your content - whether that’s on your social media, your blog, your website, someone else’s website, an ad or even the delivery of your product or service.
I’m ready to create incredible content.
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