Activation Plan

The self-paced online course that will take you from idea to launching your own business or side-hustle in just 6 easy steps!
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Launch your own business or side-hustle in 6 easy steps.

Seriously! We’ve made it that simple.

If you are starting from scratch (and most Lady Startups do), you'll probably end up with more of a kitchen table startup. It’s going to take hard work… some multitasking while you manage kids or a day job… and a few late nights to get things done.

But YOU can handle that!

And WE’RE here to help. With the Activation Plan, we’ll show you how in six practical steps, you could have your own living, breathing business.

I'm ready to start my business!
$597.00 AUD
We accept afterpay

What does this mean for me?

I’ll make money doing something I love.
I can work on my own schedule and have more flexibility.
I will be my own boss.
I’ll be part of a supportive community of like-minded women.

The Activation Plan has been tried and tested by over 5000 Lady Startups and counting.

Yep. Over five thousand. Women just like you, who came to the table with just an idea, or a side-hustle they wanted to get serious about, or even an old business that previously didn’t work out. These are women who decided to invest in a future that excited them.
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What do I get if I sign up to the Activation Plan?

Everything you need to fuel up and launch your business.
Video lessons taught by Lady Startup's founder and Mamamia's co-founder, Mia Freedman.
Video notes and simple step by step instructions to walk you through the setup stage.
Live group mentoring sessions with Mia Freedman to kick self-doubt to the curb.
Q&A resources for all those questions that will pop up as you work through the course.
Tons of checklists with actionable steps to keep you on track every step of the way.
A list of people who can help get your biz off the ground.
Focused, clear and easy-to-follow marketing plans to launch your business.
Lifetime access to all course material. (Compatible on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.)
I'm ready to start my business!
$597.00 AUD
We accept afterpay

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