Rocket Plan

A self-paced online course to set yourself up for the next 12 months of business growth.
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What We Cover

Module 1
Put A Rocket Up Your Revenue
Optimise what you’re selling online. Develop new digital products to compliment what you are already selling. Take what you sell in-person online.
Module 2
Put A Rocket Up Your Website
Discover the key things you need to make your site user-friendly and the tricks to getting more eyes onto your content. Turn boring copy into converting copy.
Module 3
Put A Rocket Up Your Email List
Email marketing is the single most important piece of marketing you can do and most businesses don’t even realise it. We’ll teach you how to get people on your list, what exactly you should be sending them and how often (you’ll be surprised).
Module 4
Put A Rocket Up Your Social Media
With social media, you can get massive FOMO and feel like you need to be on all of the platforms and doing all of the things. But that’s just not sustainable. We’ll help you hatch a plan for the platforms that you should be on and show you how to create winning content efficiently and effectively.
Bonus Module
How To Power Up With Paid Marketing
Take your business to the next level by harnessing the power of this advanced tactic. We will walk you through the fundamentals of Facebook advertising and give you a formula to go from no idea to running your first profitable Facebook ad. Plus we give you insider knowledge around things like budgeting, ad psychology and best practice so you can maximise your ad impact.
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