Get More Sales With Lead Magnets

Attract more customers without spending more money.
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Does this sound like you?
“I’m struggling to keep people on my email list, let alone grow it.”
“I need help selling to my email list.”
“I’ve never heard of a lead magnet before.”
“I know what a lead magnet is but I don’t know how to use it.”
“I’m a service-based business and I can’t figure out what type of lead magnet to use.”
“I want to attract more customers to my email list.”
Get More Sales With Lead Magnets
A 45 minute online masterclass that shows you how to create the perfect lead magnet to build your customer base and get more people on your email list without spending more money.

Mia Freedman

In this Masterclass, you will be taught by Mia Freedman, Founder of the Lady Startup movement, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Mamamia Media Company. AND as one of the earliest “influencers”, you might have seen her once or twice on your social media.
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What We Cover

Types of Lead Magnets
We go through all the lead magnets available to you, including how to decide which one is right for your business.
Creating Your Lead Magnet
Utilising templates, we will narrow down the perfect lead magnet for your business.
Setting Up The Boring Stuff
Before sending out your lead magnet, we walk you through the set-up process in the backend such as how your subscribers will receive the lead magnet once they sign up to your email list.
I’m ready to grow my customer base.
$49.00 AUD
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