Why Accountability Buddies Are Essential For A Lady Startup

Why Accountability Buddies Are Essential For A Lady Startup

The worst part of being a Lady Startup? Sometimes it gets lonely. For the first few years of Mamamia it was just me, wandering around my house with my laptop and a bucket of tea. So I thought I’d start writing down hacks, humour and some words of wisdom to lighten your Lady Startup load.

And this blog post is about exactly that: the challenge of running your business solo.

I’m a big procrastinator. Example: I’ve been meaning to write this for weeks. And when there aren’t any external accountability drivers (who cares when I write that post, right? You didn’t even know it was coming!), this can slow the pace of your business progress right down.

Over the years I’ve learned that having an accountability buddy can change your mindset business – it did for me.

I have this one person I confide in when I’m having business stress and need a boost. She’s also a Lady Startup, working in a very different field to me. She supports me, listens to me, helps advise me but is mostly just there to listen to me vent sometimes and make sure I actually do what I say I’m going to do.

I do the same for her.

Our relationship has saved my sanity countless times and today I’m challenging each of you to reach out and find your own accountability buddy and watch the impact it has on your business or your plans for having a business. 

BUT WHY THOUGH: research shows that having a specific accountability buddy increases your chance of success to 95% . Here’s a few more tips to on how to get started with your own success partner

Looking for more inspiration this week? I interviewed a Lady Startup who has taken a very unorthodox approach to fashion (that’s a bad joke you’ll understand after you listen to the podcast) and started a label with her sister called The Frock NYC. Yes, they’re living in New York and yes, their business story is fascinating.  Listen here.

Image via the @TheFrockNYC

Mia xx

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