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The Lady Startup Activation Plan is our six week online course that offers the framework, the toolkit and the resources to get you to launch, as well as a network of amazing women who become your peers, your accountability buddies, and your support team (so you get there with your sanity).

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Not quite convinced that six weeks can make a difference to your Lady Startup?

Hear what some of our Alumni have to say…

“Absolutely vital investment in your startup to help minimise pitfalls and setbacks and learn from others experiences”

- Eden Advice, Natalie Eden

“I am moving forward with so much more confidence and with a network of supportive women by my side”

- Little Bird Boutique Events, Ebby Carson

“The course made me feel like I wasn't alone, could access the help I needed, either through the course of the facebook support group. It just made each day that little bit easier.”

The Write Voice, Callena Rawlings

“I already [recommended the course to a friend] after the first week. I learnt so much and was excited to tell my friend who wants to start her own business. I wish I had all of this info before I had started my business. It would have saved me lots of time and grey hairs”

- J
odi Phillips Jewellery, Jodi Phillips

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