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The Lady Startup Activation Plan is a complete online course that takes you from no idea (or too many ideas!) to an actual business or side-hustle.

By the end of the course you will have:

    Your ‘perfect’ business idea nailed down

    A registered business name (plus all the social media handles you need)

     A clear and killer brand — with logo, brand board and brand story

     A product, and a website on which to sell it

    A list of people who can help get your biz off the ground

    A marketing plan detailing who your best customers are, and how to find them

    And pretty much everything else you need to start your very own business or side-hustle

Tried and tested by 5,000 Lady Startups and counting.

Yep. Over five thousand. Women just like you, at all different places in their journey. Women who start with no idea, too many ideas, maybe a side-hustle they wanted to crank up into a business or even a business they started but sputtered out because they didn’t set it up right.

At the end of the Activation Plan, all of these women had the clarity, direction and confidence, as well as the tools and support they needed to launch their business successfully.

Take a look at some of their stories:

Blond woman sitting at a table with cup in her hands

"The Activation Plan was AMAZING, and I’d highly (like, really, REALLY highly) recommend it to anyone who might be quietly stalking this page (like I did 🤪) deciding whether to jump in for the next round. Go for it💥"

Brooke, Hustle Copy Co. COPYWRITING

Woman with green dragon puppet on her hand

"Lady Startup has been an absolutely invaluable resource for us. We had a great idea, and zero business mindedness. We are so thankful for the opportunity to build this knowledge base using the tools provided through the course, and we have found the ongoing support of the women in the Facebook Group right on point, always willing and available."


Woman sitting down with small dog under her arm and a heart shape sign in her hand.

"It's been a dream of mine to launch my own pet business for the past four years. Your Activation Plan course was the catalyst to me finally having the bravery to go ahead. It gave me a roadmap and security to move forward because I didn't know where to start. It was also comforting knowing so many other people were in the same position."

Juliet, Barkolino PET PRODUCTS