Lady Startup Success Stories

Lara Pack

Elixir Play

Francesca De Michele

Armed Jewels

Miranda Davidson

Happy Planet Toys

Jessica McLeod

The Conscious Space

Emma Harrison-Smith

Boss Mum Collective

Mish Moran

Heart Therapeutics

Gemma Deavin

Mount Henry Honey

Jo Greenlees

That Leadership Chick

"For the first time in a really long time I felt confident to stick to my guns and follow through and take up the challenge. The results speak for themselves, I am still here running my business, hustling, freaking out, putting myself out there, enjoying the wins and braving the losses all because of the confidence I gained over those 6 weeks. That is worth more to me than I can ever truly express in written words."

Mish Moran Heart


"The course provided a safe, encouraging space to learn the information and ask all the questions we have been dying to ask. The course also afforded women a space to speak their dream out loud and for many of us this is the first time we have done this. The Facebook group was very supportive and I think as Lady Startups we are all looking for our tribe of fledglings who are ready to leap off and try something new - our tribe who can cheer us on and pat us on the back each small step along the way."

Michelle Barrington

Blossoming Minds Tuition

"I found the course really engaging and comprehensive (without being dry!). As someone who had already started their business I found it provided me with the conviction that I was headed in the right direction - plus lots of food for thought in terms of improvements and extra help. And an inbuilt cheerleading team didn’t go astray either!"

Tilly Pamment

Tilly's Table

"An absolute must for anyone with a business idea who wants to be shown, step by step, how to get it out of their head and make it into something real. The support from Mia and the team is just outstanding, and what cannot be measured is the connections that are made with the fellow Lady Start Ups. Its like having a cheer squad that only want the best for you."

Natalie Battaglia

The Mindful Mocktail

"An absolute safe space for any woman dreaming of starting up or accelerating a Lady Start up business. It's a 'bra's optional' place to get frontline, simple and practical business guidance in a language that only ladies understand!"

Naomi Radke

O-Me Time

"This course was incredible, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I know I'm only a side-hustle, but I have a serious little business on my hands thanks to the Lady Startup Activation Plan."

Prue Sinclair

Midsummer Grazing

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