The Lady Startup Activation Plan


So, here’s the thing.

I suspect you’ve landed on this page because of one of the following three reasons...

  1. You’re working in a 9-5 and something needs to change. You’re working for someone else, in a job you don’t like or one that doesn’t give you the time or flexibility you need for your other commitments. Your family. Your health. Your passions. Your….life.

  2. You have a passion. You are so ready to rumble. And everywhere, you see others turning their passion into a business that gives them the money and the lifestyle they've longed for. But you? You have no clue whether you've even got the right idea, let alone how to make money from it. Self-doubt: hello!

  3. You’ve dipped your toe (or even just your mind) into starting your own thing but you’ve been absolutely, completely, 120% making it up as you go along. And that might have gotten you… somewhere. But right now, the winging it stops. It’s time to get the foundations locked and loaded so you can start making BIG things happen for your future.

The circumstances? Irrelevant.

What matters, and what brings you here is that you are a go-getter.

You want MORE for your life and your business idea. And you should, because you deserve it.

That’s why I’ve created…
The Lady Startup Activation Plan

🚀What it IS: A six-week, virtual course overflowing with actionable steps, done-for-you templates and a practical guide developed over two decades of building businesses to fast-track you to LAUNCHING YOUR OWN LADY STARTUP. The right way. The first time.

🚀What it ISN’T: A vanilla, boring AF course with nothing to show and no takeaways, except for a feeling of overwhelm and a cloud of ideas with no next steps.

Who am I?
(so glad you asked)

Hi, I’m Mia Freedman. Co-founder of the Mamamia Media Company, mother of three and the woman behind Lady Startup, a grassroots movement I started to support female entrepreneurs. I have an audacious goal to help 20,000 Australian women start and grow their own businesses by 2020. And I reckon you should be one of them.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.58.33 pm.png

Once upon a time, I hated my job.

It was hideous. I worked with people I didn't respect and who didn't respect me squared. I spent every day trying to navigate a swamp of toxic office politics and worst of all, my work had no purpose. No meaning. I wasn't being creative. I didn't feel fulfilled. I had no control over my work hours and no flexibility to work around my young family. I did the walk of shame every afternoon at 5:30pm as I dashed home to my kids, pretending to ignore the eye-rolls from my colleagues who believed they worked harder than me just because they stayed later at the office. I was miserable and unsatisfied at work and it was bleeding into my home life in the worst way.

So I took a leap, backed myself and started my own business. I bought the URL and started a blog so I could write about about all the different kinds of things women were talking about every day - from pop culture to politics, pelvic floors to parenting.

With two kids at home and then after a few months, unexpectedly pregnant (whoops), my “office” consisted of a cheap IKEA desk wedged behind the couch in my lounge room so I could work while the kids watched The Wiggles. The most productive part of my “work day” usually started after they were in bed. But, from that work/life clusterf*** grew Australia's biggest women's media company and the largest women's podcast company in the world.

So here’s the part where you say: “But I don’t have the time.
Also:  “Not right now.” “I’m too busy.”

Here’s the truth: your business has to start somewhere.

Building a business doesn’t mean being profitable from day one. It doesn’t mean managing a fully operational team two months in. It doesn’t mean having your pick of investors from a line-up, travelling business class, or decking out an office full of fancy standing desks right after you’ve registered your name. But in order to achieve those things at some stage, you need to get the wheels turning now.

If the secret to getting ahead is simply getting started (it is), then that uncomfortable first step will be the most important one you take. With 1.2 million women in Australia running their own ventures, and female founders making up the fastest growing sector of the global economy, the opportunity to become a Lady Startup has never been riper.

The Lady Startup Activation Plan is all virtual, meaning you can do it in your own time, as it suits you. The course material is always available - so there’s no pressure if you miss a module because of other commitments. And as part of our content, you’ll also be equipped with tips and tricks to maximise your time, so you can grab your business idea head-on, focus laser-like on how to turn the idea into reality and create the life you have always dreamt of.

On the subject of objections, let’s go over some other things I know have been stopping you.

4 Things That Have Been Stopping You From Starting YOUR Lady Startup

  • You're afraid of the financial risk of leaving a secure job.

  • You lack confidence or self-belief.

  • You're completely overwhelmed with information and advice.

  • You're scared - scared to fail, or scared of what other people think (as an anxious person in the public eye, I REALLY get this one).

But most of all… you have no idea how or where the hell to start.

What do you actually do to get things rolling - to get customers and to just get your name out there? What does the branding process involve? Should you set up a website or a checkout cart? How on earth do you set up a website or a checkout cart? Should you hand out flyers? Where and to whom? How do you decide what to charge? Social media - what a beast... How do you run Facebook Ads? Grow a following? Work with influencers? In fact… how do you find anyone to work with, ever, at all? Oh my god, hold me will someone please hold me.

These were all of my questions when I started. And you know what would have helped me navigate those murky waters of overwhelm and confusion?



Really, what every woman starting a business needs is a guide. Someone who has been there and done it all before - who can hold their hand through every step, complete with encouragement and advice, en-route to building their very own Lady Startup.


Yes, I want to be your Lady Startup guide and that's why I've been working for months on putting together this new course. Not a Google-able fluffy filler or some empty ra-ra Instagram empowerment quotes - but a red-hot, need-to-know, holy grail kind of course, chock-full of everything that actually moves the needle on getting started with your startup.  And becoming YOUR OWN BOSS.

Basically, a course with everything I ever wanted when I started my business and what so many of my girlfriends wanted when they started theirs.

REAL TALK: so, what does the Activation Plan
give you?

Everything you need to build a killer brand and business in one place.

This complete six-week course is based on more than a decade of my experience running Australia's #1 women's media company and the largest women's podcast network in the world. Along the way, I've interviewed and spoken to thousands of successful Lady Startups of all ages and at all life stages who are running businesses of all shapes and sizes. And I've absorbed so much intel - covering EVERYTHING you need to start your own business.

We'll cover refining your idea...building a unique and powerful brand you'll love...setting up your business 'scaffolding' to ensure you're well supported in all the ways you need...attracting eager customers...and preparing your official launch.

I'm going to personally show you, step-by-step, how to get started, and how to avoid all the common traps and pitfalls that people fall into.

By the time we're through, you're not just going to know what to do to get your Lady Startup off the ground and rocketing into the world - but you’ll know what it feels like, because you’re going to have already started the engines. You’ll know how to amplify the noise for your brand and lastly, you’ll have the backing of myself, and hundreds of other Lady Startups in our close-knit community.

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The course nitty-gritty

The Lady Startup Activation Plan comprises of a series of short videos each week that you watch in grabs. On the bus, while baby is sleeping, during your work lunch hour, at the dog park, waiting for your girlfriends to turn up for drinks - hell, while you're on the loo if that's the only time you've got.

Each week of the program, I'll email you a link that unlocks a new module, as well as new action tasks, worksheets and links to help you progress. Here's a week-by-week breakdown:


Awesome idea? Check. Ambition? Check. Ready to rumble? Check. But you feel lost at how to pull all the pieces together to get this thing moving. In our first week, we’re going to get laser-focused on everything ideation to lay down your foundations. Because trust me, this is something you’ll keep coming back to for key decision-making down the track.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • Established what you’re selling, named and registered your domain

  • Identified your target customer (and know where and how to find them)

  • Identified the problem you will solve for them

  • Have drawn a rough picture of your business model (making budgets sexy)

  • Claimed the social media handles for your Lady Startup

What you’ll take away:

Clarity on your business model. Confidence in your purpose and reason for being. A roadmap for success in your market. Fire in your belly for the future.


Your brand is what people say about your Lady Startup when you’re not in the room. And now that you’ll have the basics in place, we’re going to get straight to creating the identity you can take to market. This part is super creative, and is going to involve you digging deep into your why and how in order to create something that shakes the floor in your space.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • Designed your logo

  • Created a brand board

  • Written your 1 x sentence brand story

What you’ll take away:

An enduring brand story aligned with the legacy you want to leave. A visual identity that makes you immediately recognisable. The grassroots of brand association.


This is the ‘thing’ your customers cannot live without - your product or your service. Through the path of least resistance, we’re going to map out how to get from where you are now to where you need to be in order to actually sell it. We’re going to set you up with some coveted online real estate through a website or eCommerce store - no technical knowledge required, just follow my lead.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • Laid out your path to product launch

  • Identified the suppliers you need to get you there

  • Created a website for your Lady Startup, or built an online store

What you’ll take away:

A website or cart that just works - no bugs, no crashes, no BS. The right help from experts, because there’s nothing more terrifying than being alone in a tech void.


The scaffolding of your business is going to keep you steadfast, even during the tough times. Founders that overlook this, fail, every time. From lawful bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and law to keeping up with content marketing and social like a typer monkey on their sixth espresso of the day - it matters more than you think. Chances are, you’re not an expert. But newsflash, lady, you don’t need to be.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • Identified which support services your Lady Startup requires to get off the ground

  • Shortcuts for how to get them while spending the least amount possible

What you’ll take away:

A little black-book of invaluable Lady Startup suppliers to collaborate with in pulling everything together for your business.


A common mistake I see time and time again? Businesses marketing to everyone. Here’s a truthbomb: if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re essentially marketing to no-one. We’ll dive into our four-tier marketing pillar framework to reaching your audience and teach you how to attract the right clients.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • A proven marketing framework for the content pillars you need to amplify your brand message

  • Never-before-shared insight, tips and tricks to building each one

  • A marketing plan for reaching your audience

What you’ll take away:

Clarity on who your audience are, where to find them, how to engage them and how to have them come back, because there’s a difference between communicating with clients who know you exist, and those who don’t.


Last but not least, the two secret sauce ingredients that will go hand-in-hand to skyrocket your growth on launch to ensure your brand is not only seen, but heard: strategic PR and compelling content.

By the end of this week, you will have:

  • Put together a PR plan, incl the message to share and the people to see it

  • Created a content plan - your go-to sidekick to planning and crafting great content so you’re never lost for words again (#thisiskindamything)

What you’ll take away:

A guide to DIY-ing your PR, creating compelling content, a Lady Startup geared for growth, and a launch date scheduled for immediate take-off.

Anything else?

Business owners. We are a special breed. We have a million ideas circling in our heads at any given moment. Sure, it's exhilarating and it's rewarding - but what a lot of people don't tell you is it can also be incredibly lonely.

So, as part of this program, you’ll get access to a private community of other Lady Startups working beside you to start their own businesses, offer advice, share highs and lows, and act as your personal squad of cheerleaders.

And, of course, I’ll be there too - every single step of the way. Sometimes doing Facebook Lives with you in my pyjamas because that’s how Lady Startups roll. We make the rules.

Our next class will open for a limited time in early 2019. To be the first to know when enrolments open, join the VIP waitlist.

How much will it all cost?

Cue second major objection. Cost.

So let me put it to you like this.

For the average working woman at an annual salaried day rate of $277, $597 equals 2.1 whole working days. Is that 2.1 working days of spent income on par with a lifetime of freedom, uncapped earning potential, and doing something meaningful with your work?

If you had to pick between one or the other, what would it be? And if I told you that we had flexible payment plans, a 7-day money back guarantee (no questions asked) and that your purchase kept an underprivileged girl in school for a week through Room To Read - how would that make you feel?

Hopefully bloody fantastic. Because it’s all true.

We have three ways you can pay for your Lady Startup Activation Plan:

  • in full,

  • in a 2-part instalment plan

  • or a 3-part instalment plan

whatever best suits your situation. We understand that your circumstances may not allow you to find the cash upfront, so by offering flexibility with payment, it’s our hope that we can provide every female founder with the same opportunities. And not loving the vibes after the first week? Thankfully that’s never happened - but even so, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.