Instagram Business Tips: 5 Lady Startup Insta hacks.

Instagram Business Tips: 5 Lady Startup Insta hacks.

When you’re in business, your Instagram page is about so much more than selfies, it’s actually your shop window.

Because for many Lady Startups, Instagram is the first touch point for your potential customers; it’s where they’ll experience your brand and make snap judgements about whether to lean in or click away.

So here are the 5 most important Instagram Business Tips you should check.
Right this second. 

Your profile type
Your bio
Your link(s)
Your captions
Your hashtags

And more importantly, are you using these things to help grow your Lady Startup?

1. Your Profile type: to get the most of the Instagram features, make sure (if you haven’t already) that your account is set to a business profile. Once connected to your biz Facebook page (you need one to make the other), you will then have access to these crucial assets:

– Instagram Insights. 
– Contact button. 
– Industry inclusion on your profile. 
– Ability to advertise on Instagram. 

2. Your bio: You have 150 characters to give someone an idea of what you’re about. No pressure. Be clear, include vital info (like if you’re not open for business yet!) and be punchy. Think of this like an elevator pitch.

3. Your link(s): Instagram still doesn’t have the same functionality as Facebook in terms of links in captions, so for now a link in your bio is the best option. Do you even need a link in here? YES YOU DO. This is your opportunity to get your audience over to your website/online store.
: if you have more than one place you want to be directing people (ie a store AND a newsletter AND a podcast) use a platform like Linktree (we do, and it’s a lifesaver)

5 Instagram Business Tips to boost your Lady Startup profile

4. Your captions: Like your bio, your captions should be concise, echo your brand voice and serve a purpose. Be clear with what you want your audience to do (if you want them to do something) and make sure they have a way of doing it. Don’t put the URL details in the caption and expect people to copy and paste – put the link in your bio (or in Linktree) to keep it clean and easy to use.

5. Your hashtags: Now there are people who feel strongly about hashtags, both for and against them. I’m not here to comment on this, but what I will say is: if you use one, or the maximum IG allows (30) make them relevant. Look at what interests your followers, what fits in with your business purpose and use and create hashtags to match.

5 Business Instagram Tips you can be doing right now to help your Lady Startup social profile

So there you have it – a quick crash course on making the most out of your Instagram profile.

Now go, and do the things.

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