How to Pitch your Lady Startup Business to Media.

How to Pitch To The Media: Lady Startup Edition

Lady Startup and PR guru Jules Brooke shares her top tips.

With the never-ending list of expenses that seem to follow any Lady Startup, a free resource that promises brand awareness and sales is refreshingly welcome.

We are, of course, talking about PR. 

It’s not new. 

It’s not groundbreaking.

And yet it’s seen by so many as a foreign concept that’s out of reach and too hard to master, but it really shouldn’t be. Because there are things that you can be doing right now to take advantage of this (one more time for the people at the back) free media.

So we asked our resident PR guru, Jules Brookes, for her top tips for pitching to media and getting your name out.

1. Start your PR now

No matter where you are in your launch journey. Most magazines work with a long lead time, so they’re already planning their Christmas gift guides, so get in now. 

2. Journalists are desperate for stories and content

You will make it a million times easier for them to run your story if you give them a polished, catchy story with great, hi-res imagery.

3. Do your research!

If the average journalist receives anywhere between 50-300 emails per day, you can bet they’ll be skimming their inbox with lightning speed for anything newsworthy, and relevant.

Think about it, if they work for a beauty mag, and you’re pitching ‘The next best thing in dog training’ – you’re going to end up in the deleted folder, fast.

Knowing the publication, the readership, and that your product/service/pitch is going to be relevant, and therefore of interest to the journalist is hugely beneficial, and it’s important to point this out IN the subject line.

4. Think of your pitch to the media as a story

Make sure your email has a punchy subject line or you’ll get lost in an inbox! Also, for outlets like TV and radio – pick up the phone and call them, set up a good time to speak to the editor/submissions team, and build that rapport. They’re much more likely to open your email if you’ve set the tone.

5. Pitching your service-based Lady Startup

Stuck on ideas for pitching your service-based Lady Startup business?

Why not showcase your expertise? Think of the top 3 questions you get asked most frequently in your line of work, either by customers, friends and family, or strangers who learn what you do, and turn it into a mini blog. Here’s how you can then package it for media:

  • Give it a catchy title (and then use this as the email subject line for your pitch email!)
  • Add some great imagery, and any other supporting information or assets

If you’ve done these things, most media outlets will find it hard to say no to that ready made editorial inclusion, meaning great exposure for you and your Lady Startup!

If you found this helpful, and you’re after more in depth PR advice about getting your brand out there, (or even how to hone your pitch skills) you can find out more about Jules and her PR business here, where she’s designed a bespoke package just for Lady Startups! Jules is a Lady Startup herself, has worked with countless Lady Startups, and even made a guest appearance in the Lady Startup Activation Plan (in case you’re wondering why she looks so familiar.)

Resident PR guru, Jules Brooke shares her tips on how to pitch your Lady Startup to the media
PR Guru (and Lady Startup) Jules Brooke.

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