Every business owner should walk in the shoes of…

Every business owner should walk in the shoes of their customer.

It’s a tight squeeze, but I managed to get both myself and the whole Lady Startup team into the shoes of our customer, and we’re going to be here a while.

When I started way back in the days of magazine journalism, my first boss (the powerhouse known as Lisa Wilkinson, maybe you’ve heard of her?) told me something about our female readership that I hold onto to this day: look outwards. Don’t create/write/produce what you want to tell her; walk in her shoes. You’ll get into the mindset of why she connected with you, what is important to her, and you can then create for that. 

This is so important that I even have it blown up and stuck on our office wall at MMHQ.


This continues to serve me as both Mamamia and Lady Startup evolve past what I ever thought was possible, and I wanted to share it as I think it’s more important now than ever.

There is no cookie-cutter woman. She has highly personalised and nuanced thoughts, feelings, likes (and more importantly, dislikes) so you need to be right there alongside her if you have any hope of connecting.

In our case, ‘her’ is you, the Lady Startup community. For you, ‘her’ may be your customers, your clients, your audience. Don’t ever forget the power of empathy and don’t ever assume to know what she wants. I’ve lost count of how many pieces of marketing material I’ve deleted or tossed because it was one-size fits all, or even worse, patronising beyond belief. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the person at the other end, it’ll serve you well.

So spend time getting to know her. Know how she interacts with you, what language she uses, what influences her decisions (both good and bad) and how you can make her life better.

Remember, your aim should be to build a relationship first, rather than going in for the sale. We are far more likely to listen to, and buy from people and brands we trust.

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