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Get all the Lady Startup courses to help you at every stage of your business growth. Whether you’re pre-launch, currently launching or growing your business, this bundle is for you.
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Launch & Grow Bundle
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What's Included...
Activation Plan
RRP $597
The self-paced online course that will take you from idea to launching your own business or side-hustle in just 6 easy steps!
Rocket Plan
RRP $697
A self-paced online course to set yourself up for the next 12 months of business growth.
The Email Marketing Course
RRP $199
Set up and grow your most powerful marketing channel.
The Business Idea Course
RRP $199
Nail the perfect business idea and figure out how to make some sweet, sweet coin from it too.
The DIY Product Photography Course
RRP $299
How to take professional looking images with your phone.
Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant
Everything you need to start outsourcing and get more sh*t done.
Get More Sales with Lead Magnets
RRP $49
Attract new customers and get people onto your email list with freebies.
How to Work with Influencers
RRP $49
Learn the 7 steps to create a successful influencer campaign.
Make Noise with PR and Media
RRP $49
Get media attention and publicity for your business or side-hustle.
Social Media Confidence
RRP $39
Up your social media game so you can attract more customers.
How to Squeeze in a Side-Hustle
RRP $39
Realistic time management hacks for building a business alongside a full-time job.
How to Set Business Goals
RRP $39
Set rock solid goals and make sure you actually achieve them.
The Secrets to Shareable Content
RRP $39
“Telegraph, Telephone, Tell-a-woman”. Learn how to create compelling content that women will share.