About Lady Startup

Lady Startup is a movement and community platform for dreamers, side hustlers & biz owners created by Mia Freedman, co-founder of the Mamamia Media Group.

We’re sisters doing it for ourselves. Providing the tools, resources and inspiration to thousands of Australian women ready to accelerate their business dreams, at every stage of business, to help them get more from what they love doing.


What we do!

We wan’t to be a one stop hub for everything women need to get from idea to launch. Or if you have already launched, the place you can go to for inspiration, information or help with anything biz related.


Lady Startup courses offer practical, actionable and relevant support across all stages of launching your business.  


Go behind-the-scenes of success with 56 female entrepreneurs including some of Australia's most well known Lady Startups.


Bring a girlfriend and get ready to laugh, cry and feel totally uplifted and understood at the next Lady Startup event with Mia.


Join Lady Startup, Rachel Corbett as she sits down with some of the most inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs to discover how they built their businesses from the ground up.


“Female entrepreneurs are the most dynamic, engaged and underestimated group of women.”  

mia freedman  |  Co-Founder of Mamamia Women’s Network


About Mia Freedman

Hi, I'm Mia Freedman, the co-founder and creative director of the Mamamia Media Group and Lady Startup.

Since beginning Lady Startup, first as an Instagram account to support women's small businesses, then a podcast series telling the stories of big-time Lady Startups and now as a community and training platform, Mia has inspired and supported thousands of women who want to start their own businesses.

She’s learned that most women would LOVE to do something for themselves....and yet they all tell me they have the same problems when it comes to starting:

  • You can't find the time (I totally get it, I have three kids, two dogs and a heavy addiction to podcasts and Netflix)

  • You're afraid of the financial risk of leaving a secure job.

  • You lack confidence or self-belief.

  • You're completely overwhelmed with information (and advice) overload.

  • You're too much of a perfectionist.

  • You're scared - scared to fail, or scared what other people think (I have anxiety so this one I REALLY get).


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